Helga Stonetide

Wilderness Guide and Monster Hunter


Female Pygmy Troll, 3’11", 130 lbs.
Faith: Indifferent
Archetype: Skilled
Careers: Monster Hunter / Archer
XP: 8

PHY 5; SPD 6; STR 6
AGL 4; PRW 3; POI 5
INT 3; PER 3
WIL 8; DEF 12; ARM 10; Initiative 14; CMD 3

Great Bow: RAT 7, RNG 10, POW 10
Axe: MAT 4, PS 9

Racial Abilities:
- Poison Resistance: Boosted rolls to resist poison and toxins.
- Spawn Whelps: If a limb is lost, a pyg whelp is spawned.
- Troll Resilience: Lost limb or eye regenerates in 1d6+3 days. Self-stabilize on a roll of 6 from 1d6 (every turn or 5 minutes out-of-combat). Never suffer slow recovery.
- Tough: When disabled, a roll of 5 or 6 on 1d6 regains 1 vitality.

Skilled Archetype:
- May make one extra attack when attacking.
- Virtuoso (Bow): Roll one extra die on attack and damage rolls dropping the lowest.

- Adjust Aim: If a bow attack misses, next attack this turn gets +2
- Blur of Motion: Each ranged attack with bow allows immediate knocking of an arrow for free.
- Dual Shot (Archery): Can forfeit movement to make one extra attack.
- Big Game Hunter: Gain bonus equal to Survival skill to attacks made against animals and beasts native to the wilds.
- Hunting Ground (Forest): While in the selected terrain, gain +2 to sneak and tracking.
- Precision Strike: When hitting with a melee weapon can choose column for damage.

Military Skills: Archery 2, Hand Weapon 1

Occupational Skills: Craft (Fletcher) 1, Detection 2, , Lore (Extraordinary Zoology) 1, Navigation 1, Sneak 2, Survival 2, Tracking 1

Languages: Cygnaran, Molgur-Trul


Ever since Helga was young, she had been trained and taught that her place in life was to serve the very trolls and trollkin that looked down on her and her kind. Too be fair it wasn’t a bad life. With plenty of food and ale to go around and being part of Janissa Stonetide’s entourage, Helga spent most of her time learning to master a bow in order to provide defense of the camp and to be able to hunt for food when needed. But she wanted more than that life, and she took her opportunity on a chance encounter with Victor Pendrake.

Pendrake had come past her camp on one of his big hunts. Helga knew this was her opportunity to get away and become somone great herself. So she snuck away at night and caught up with Pendrake’s expedition. She spent many months learning from him and his group before starting an exploration and monster hunting company of her own! Only it wasn’t very successful. But just when she was fearing the worst, that she would have to return to her camp with her head held in shame, she was hired as a guide through the wilderness by some Morrowan researchers. Thanks to these people she is back on her path of making a name for herself.

Helga Stonetide

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