Benedict Darke

Inquisitor of Morrow and Stormsmith


Male Human (Cygnaran), 5’11", 170 lbs.
Faith: Morrow
Archetype: Intellectual
Careers: Investigator / Stormsmith
XP: 10

PHY 5; SPD 6; STR 4
AGL 4; PRW 5; POI 4
INT 4; PER 5
WIL 9; DEF 14; ARM 10; Initiative 16; CMD 4
Immunity: Electricity

Pistol, repeating: RNG 8, RAT 5 (1*), POW 10 (1*)
Stormcaller and Lightning Rod: MAT 7 (1*), PS 7 (+1*)

Stormsmithing attacks:
Lightning Strike: RNG 10, RAT 7 (1*) (boost attack roll and reroll failure), POW 10 (1*), a steamjack hit suffers Disruption
Ball Lightning: RNG 10, RAT 5 (1*) (boost attack roll and reroll failure), AOE 3, POW 10 (1*), a steamjack hit suffers Disruption
Big One: RNG 10, RAT 5 (1*) (boost attack roll and reroll failure), POW 13 (1*), a steamjack hit suffers Disruption
Lightning Generator: RNG 10, RAT 5 (1*) (boost attack roll and reroll failure), POW 10 (1*), a steamjack hit suffers Disruption; arcs to d3 consecutive additional characters.

Abilities and Archetype Benefits:
*+1 to attack and damage rolls for him and all friendlies in CMD
Genius (INT rolls boosted)
Hyper-Perceptive (PER rolls boosted)
Astute (reroll failed Detection)
Specialization (Stormcaller and Lightning Rod) (does not suffer attack roll penalties)
Weatherman (reroll failed Stormsmithing)
Weather Vane (PER 12+ to predict the weather for the next 24 hours)

Military Skills: Great Weapon 2, Pistol 1

Occupational Skills: Cryptography 1, Detection 2, Forensic Science 1, Interrogation 1, Law 1, Lore (Morrowan) 1, Mechanikal Engineer 1, Medicine 1, Negotiation 1, Sneak 1, Stormsmithing 2

Languages: Cygnaran, Ordic, Telgesh


Benedict hails originally from Fellig (KNG 68), on the border of Ord, Khador, and (formerly) Cygnar (Fellig is now occupied by Khador). When he volunteered for service in the Cygnaran army, he was initially employed as a scout until a Stormsmith, (then) Lieutenant Liana Marcone, noticed his knack for predicting the weather and had him transferred as an apprentice under her. When Marcone was promoted to Captain and transferred to Point Bourne, Darke was promoted to Lieutenant and placed in King’s Vine.

In 606 AR, Darke was in King’s Vine when a peculiar incident occurred (KNG 62). He played a minor but pivotal role in rooting out the cause of the incident, and was recruited by the Order of Illumination and sworn to secrecy regarding the incident. Since then, he has maintained his military rank of Lieutenant, but he has worked primarily as an Inquisitor of the Church of Morrow.

Benedict Darke

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